I believe that everything a person holds most beautiful in this world lies just behind the eyes. The light within. It tells the story of the soul, its joys, its sorrows, every little thing that we find hard to say with words.

Winter Waves

Snow ski  GoPro and Poiana Brasov

So this year I finally went on to properly put to a good use my GoPro 4. And the place none other than Poiana Brasov.

In february I went back home to Romania to join my family for a ski holiday. We were extremely lucky with the weather. Six days in a row with no cloud in the sky. Once there I set up the GoPro with different mounts on my body. I wasn’t sure what to expect regarding the angles and POVs. The only mount that I didn’t use is the surf one, so to attached the camera on the ski itself. I tried with the suction cup but don’t ever do that. (this is how you learn)

I have two batteries for the camera, and keep an external power bank in the backpack to charge the used battery. I use my iPhone as a monitor. The down side of this is that you can’t properly check your footage if you shoot at high frame rates. That means every night I had to check the footage on the laptop and try to do corrections to the mounts on the next day. For memory cards I use two Sandisk extreme class 10 SD cards, 32GB and 64GB which support about 3 hours of footage.

This is the video that came after six days of lovely weather, good snow on the slopes and the trial test of a great action camera. Please feel free to leave your comments or any improvement ideas below or on the youtube channel.